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Convention Badge

Why choose Badge?

  • To print customized badges
  • To enable the use of different badge formats depending on the visitor’s access level
  • To check badges have been printed properly

Convention Badge

The Convention Badge system retrieves your visitors’ information from your database and integrates it into a template defined by you. You can then print out delegate badges: all at once, in advance; or individually, during the event.

A template for badges

Syselio helps you to create a badge template which can be used from one event to the next. The template is linked to Convention Badge and interfaces with your Convention Organizer database to enable you to print badges appropriate to the format of your event, on our dedicated multi-format printers.

Search badges easily

A simple user interface makes it easy for you to check which badges have been printed. The badges can be configured however you like, enabling you to display different access levels for each visitor. Photographs can be taken using a simple webcam. Thanks to the search screen, you can quickly find a delegate and print their badge in just a couple of clicks, or you can print out badges in bulk by category!

View, click, print!

With Convention Badge, you can view the badge as it will appear once printed out, so that you can prevent any mistakes. All that’s left to do is print... here, too, you have a choice: card, laminated paper, or even credit-card style. The application can be connected to any type of printer.

Printing your badges can sometimes be a delicate step. There will always be last-minute delegates, and having your badges printed in advance can create hold-ups at the entrance to your event on the big day. With Convention Badge, you can overcome these issues and take advantage of a proven and surprisingly flexible tool.

A fleet of dedicated accreditation points

In proportion with the scale of your event, a fleet of discreet IT terminals is installed at the entrance to the event. These terminals are synchronized with your database, enabling your hosts to use Convention Badge to print delegate badges using a simple, user-friendly interface.

Unlimited possibilities

Whether you use a QR code, 2D or 3D bar code, the software facilitates easy printing of all types of badge. Linked to synchronized iPods, Convention Badge allows your hosts to move along queues of visitors and start printing, thus reducing waiting time for your delegates.

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