Organizer: The software package for the events industry

Convention Organizer

Why choose Organizer?

  • To centralize and share information
  • To take advantage of a simple, quick tool
  • To enjoy a system which can handle multiple events
  • To take advantage of a comprehensive solution which is scalable over time

Convention Organizer

Convention Organizer is the heart of the Convention software suite. Intuitive and accessible, you will be convinced by the possibilities and ease of use this software offers. It brings together all of the functionality essential for event organizers. Scalable and highly customizable, this tool will continue to support you in all your events over the long term.

The tool for your profession

The functionality integrated within Convention Organizer enables you to use an internal system to manage delegates, hotel and flight reservations, transfers for your VIP guests, meetings, stands and associated equipment. You can keep track of your invoices, your turnover, use of your room allocation in each hotel and many other aspects.

Convention is a management system designed specifically for the events industry. Whether you are managing a congress, an exhibition, a fair or a festival, the software can be adapted to your needs. It is highly customizable and offers the ability to modify templates for entering information according to the different types of delegate at your event. Many of the navigation, ergonomic and search options can also be customized in order to improve the user experience.

A scalable solution

If you are looking for more, you can take advantage of, firstly, the tool’s integration with the other modules in the Convention suite, and secondly, the ability to add extensions, thanks to a system of plug-ins which enable you to tailor the development of the system’s functionality and profit fully from the benefits it offers.


Convention Organizer offers advanced access management and secure remote working; your communications can be encrypted and your data is logged and backed up automatically.

Fits your budget

You can select the configuration which best fits your requirements, from a server installed in your premises to a fully cloud-based, Application Service Provider-style solution. Convention Organizer adapts to your budget.

Immediately accessible

Convention Organizer has been designed to be easy and pleasant to use. Its working environment is based on Internet standards, making it intuitive to use. Its interface will simplify your teams’ work on a daily basis.

Expert support

We offer a service contract which is adapted to your requirements and your budget. You will receive automatic updates and can take advantage of telephone support from our specialists. We will provide assistance before, during and after your event.

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